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1. Social insurance and housing fund.
2. Annual health check and supplementary medical insurance, annual leave and additional paid leave.
4. Team building, welfare, birthday celebration.
5. Performance awards and stock options.
6. Training and promotion opportunities.
7. Free staff dormitory (Wuxi)
8. Gym and recreation area (Wuxi and Shanghai office)
9.Complimentary breakfast, afternoon tea, fruit of the day

Job Search

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Production Planning Social Recruitment,ShangHai OP and Assembly R&D

Production Planning

Location: Shanghai

Job Responsibilities:

1. Coordinate with Fab factory for wafer purchasing;

2. CP test of Wafer outsourcing processing (output, OTD, cycle time, delivery);

3. PKG assembly and test outsourcing processing (output, OTD, cycle time, delivery);

4. Purchase and delivery management (no risk of material breaking for end customers or outsourced projects);

5. Logistics declaration management (logistics cost, efficiency and quality management, etc.);

6. Warehouse inbound and outbound management (inbound and outbound inspection control, goods classification management, etc.);

7. Managed the accuracy and timeliness of ERP system data input, BOM link, material code and warehouse location;

8. Established and maintained the OA system related to the department;

9. Complete other tasks assigned by leaders.


1. More than 5 years experience in production management or production planning management;

2, OEM, OSAT experience is preferred;

3. Outsourcing production management experience is preferred.

Customer Quality Engineer: Social Recruitment,ShangHai OP and Assembly R&D

Customer Quality Engineer:

Location: Shanghai

Job Responsibilities:

1. Be the voice of the customer for quality and any other post-sale technical issue within UNIM;

2. Provide technical or operational quality issue resolution support to customers;

3. Ensure customer requirements are reflected in processes, procedures & standards. Communicate/track and close customer quality processes requirements;

4. Lead critical customer improvements/projects/initiatives that can improve quality and customer satisfaction;

5. Track, update & close all customer action items (AI) on time.

6. Work with different internal teams to ensure robust, closed-loop on customer requests/ requirements

7. Work closely with internal teams on the 8D problem-solving process to prevent reoccurrences


1. CQE experience in FAB, OSAT is preferred.

2. Proficient in Microsoft working software (PowerPoint, Excel, Word)

3. Familiar with RMA/EFA/PFA process, semiconductor manufacturing process, chip failure mode and failure mechanism

4. Have certain ability of FA failure analysis and 8D report

5. Fluent in both English and Chinese

6. Willing to study and frequent travel

7. Good communication and understanding skills

Application Engineer Campus Recruitment,WuXi Marketing
Work City

Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for customer technical support
A) Support field application engineers to complete customer technical support;
B) Support field application engineers to solve customer problems and assist in the promotion of new products;
C) Write and maintain relevant customer technical documents, including product manuals, application instructions, failure analysis reports, etc.
2. Responsible for collecting and understanding the requirements of new products (key parameters, new functions, etc.), and discussing the requirements with the R&D department in the product planning stage, communicating customers' requirements to the product development team reasonably and effectively, and promoting product development.
3. Responsible for collecting information of competitors' products and assisting in analyzing competitive products.
4. Responsible for providing technical support for controller manufacturer's platform verification test.

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in microelectronics/computer science/communication is preferred;
2.Experience in hardware development and high speed circuit design is preferred.
3.Good command of debug tools, such as logic analyzer, oscilloscope, etc.
4. Good communication skills, presentation and production ability;
5. Good English skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing.
Software Application Engineer Campus Recruitment,WuXi Marketing
Work City

Job Responsibilities:
1. Developed test code of NAND flash based on embedded platform
2. Development of new features in Linux Driver
3. Support customer related software problems
4. Test and verify storage products on the customer's platform
5. Usage Model analysis of NAND flash products in the system

1. Bachelor degree or Master degree in computer, electronics or related field
Familiar with embedded system and software development
3. Familiar with C or any compiled Python language
4. Understand Linux driver development
5. Understand NAND management algorithms
Senior CAD Engineer Social Recruitment,WuXi Research and Development
Work City

Job Responsibilities:
1. Develop and maintain intensive models of non-volatile memory, develop and maintain physical validation tools (DRC, LVS and parasitic parameter extraction) to support product development of non-volatile memory;
2. Develop and support the company's internal analog or digital design process, use scripting language to develop in House scripts and tools to provide design efficiency;
3. Design Rule verification (DRC) tool development process based on Calibre SVRF or equivalent;
4. Development process of LVS tools based on IC Validator, Calibre SVRF or equivalent;
5. Development process of PEX tool based on StarRC or Calibre nmxRC;
6. Development of design automation and management tools based on Cadence SKILL programming language and CDF interface, and their integrated interaction with Virtuoso process database, schematic editor, layout editor, design data translator, analog and digital Circuit design environment (ADE);

1. Bachelor degree or above in electrical engineering, electronic engineering, micro-electronic engineering, computer Science, applied physics, material science or applied mathematics
2. Good English writing and oral communication skills
3. Familiar with Cadence Virtuoso/Mentor Calibre/Synopsys and other tools and design processes
Proficient in at least one modern programming language (e.g., Fortran, C, C++, C#, Java, etc.)
5. Familiar with Linux, FreeBSD or Unix
6. Proficient in at least one circuit simulator (e.g., HSPICE, Spectre, Eldo, PSPICE, PowerSPICE, Alps, SmartSPICE, etc.) and able to work at netlist level.Proficient in at least one IC layout editing software (e.g., KLayout, Virtuoso, Laker, L-Edit, Pyxis, Aether, GYM, etc.
Layout engineer Social Recruitment,WuXi Research and Development
Work City

Job Responsibilities:
1. Provide the overall design requirements of chips and modules and complete the Floorplan;Complete block level and Top level layout design according to design rules and circuit requirements
2. Completed module and chip layout design verification, including LVS, DRC, ANTENNA, PERC, etc
3. Generate Abstract and LEF and other relevant documents
4. Extract parasitic parameters and assist circuit engineers to complete post-imitation
5. Assist APR engineer to complete SOC chip integration
6. Generate tape-out data and files
7. Write relevant layout documents

1. Bachelor degree or above in microelectronics, electronic engineering or related field
2. At least 2 years analog and mixed signal layout working experience
3. Familiar with IC design process, and have some basic knowledge of semiconductor devices and analog circuit
4. Proficient in IC layout design and validation tools (Cadence, Calibre, etc.);Proficiency with Virtuoso-XL is a plus
5. Memory layout experience in Flash/SRAM/ROM is preferred
6. Familiar with SKILL/TCL and APR working experience is preferred